Monday, October 24, 2011

Quick Notes

Salt (ZZZZ)
Great movie! Very enjoyable, fast paced, good action and good acting! This move had a good plot and even though someone had spoiled a key twist in the plot I was stilled surprised! Very well done! One thing I do not like in these kinds of films starring a heroine is fight scenes. In many films like this there are many fight scenes with a 90 pound female operative taking out an equally trained 250 pound male operative. I think this is extremely unrealistic. Thankfully this film does not do this. Jolie plays the heroine and routinely wins her battles by surprise and cunning and I felt were very realistic. She has one, one on one battle, and she loses this battle but strategically. All in all a very enjoyable movie!

Air Force One (ZZZZ)
Great movie!!! Oh how I miss Harrison Ford in his heyday! Such a man’s man! Made almost every movie he was in enjoyable to watch and this film is no exception. Nothing in this movie is really fantastic except Harrison Ford and its great!!!!

Moneyball (ZZZ)
Wonderful movie. If you are a baseball lover you will love this movie! Brad Pitt and Jona Hill are fantastic! My wife (who is not a baseball lover) even enjoyed this movie. In her words it was great but kinda slow. I would give this film a higher rating because of my love for baseball because of its slightly lower review from a non baseball lover I will keep it at 3.

Wolfman (ZZz)
Very creepy and darker movie then I anticipated, Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins are fantastic in this creepy depiction of England’s age old wolfman legend! I did enjoy this movie although it was a bit gorier then I anticipated, one scene in particular were the wolfman is eating a man’s stomach…If you like horror movies then you will for sure enjoy this film.

Thor (ZZZz)
I Love superhero movies!!! And this movie is no disappointment! Marvell is quickly putting films together comprised of the heros making up the Avengers before the Avengers film is released in 2012. Some of these are not the greatest due to the short time in which they are being put together but I thought Thor was fantastic. Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman were great! A movie and a very good warm up to get us excited for the new Avengers film in 2012!

Bridesmaids (Zz)
I was very disappointed in this movie. I had heard some rave reviews about how this was the funniest movie people had ever seen. Not the case for me. This film was very slow and although there were two or three laugh out loud moments this movie was very boring and at times extremely sad with how pathetic Kristin Wigs character’s life is…

Ping Pong Playa (Z)
This is a very stupid movie, but if you love ping pong there will be a small part of you that enjoys this movie!

Lincoln Lawyer (ZZZZz)
What a great movie!!!! Matthew MacConaughey and Ryan Philippe were great! This film was extremely well done with many twists! Fast paced and extremely enjoyable! I am not really a fan of lawyer films but this was fantastic! Great story with wonderfully believable characters! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time!

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