Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Release Shelf!

Hanna (ZZZZz)
What a fantastic movie!!! Saoirse Ronan, Cate Blanchett, and Eric Bana score big time in this clever and realistic film about the government mutating genes to create super spies!  There are some great fight scenes and the story is great! One of my favorite things about this film is how Saoirse’s character is raised by her father in a remote cabin in the arctic. So she is extremely sheltered and has never even heard music before. During her journey she is brought to a sharp reality of modern culture and her shock and misunderstanding is very realistic and fascinating. Great movie!!!

Green Lantern (ZZZZ)
I really enjoyed Green Lantern. I had been waiting for this since they released the cast information in 2009. The acting, story, and action were all great! I wondered for a long time why this did not do so well in the box office. This superhero story is slightly more syfy then other superhero stories and I believe did not appeal to a larger audience as some of our recent superhero characters. The concepts of harnessing the power of Will and the Power of Fear for good and evil is what I think some people think is a little farfetched. I really enjoyed it!!!

X-Men First Class (ZZZ)
I was super excited for this movie when they announced James McAvoy would be playing the part of Professor X! I really enjoyed this movie as I have enjoyed all the x-men movies. Although I have felt all the x-men films besides Wolverine have been a little heavy on story and little short on action, but the thing I love about x-men is how easy your imagination runs wild with all the possibilities of what kind of super hero power I could have with my genetic mutation.

Captain America (ZZz)
I love Chris Evans!!! But I was disappointed in this movie. It was rather slow. I know they had to build up the story but come on already let’s see some action!! Also this film commits a cardinal movie sin in my book. It took several action scenes and compacted them into one slide show scene of action. I hate abbreviated or slide show action scenes!!! HATE IT!!!! Without Chris Evans this movie would probably have sucked…The one thing I really liked was the love interest that developed between Captain America and Peggy Carter. It was very real and genuine and very cute!

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