Sunday, June 12, 2011


I love a good war movie!!! There are so many great war movies out there! There are also some duds as well! In my opinion a great war movie is one that picks a couple different emotions and war situations as the backbone of the film. A dud, in my opinion, is one that picks one emotion and drives it so hard during the film that they forget to continue character building as well as forgetting to keep you up on the battle that they are emphasizing! I watched "Thin Red Line" the other day and what big dull dud!!! It is a great example of only choosing one emotion and forgetting to keep you abreast of the battle and the significance of it!

The best war film in my opinion is technically not a movie. The HBO series "Band of Brothers" is by far, in my opinion, one of the greatest war films ever made. It captures so many emotions from a number of different characters.  And since it’s a long series (nearly 12 hours), the character development is so deep it’s like you are actually related to the soldiers!!!

Another incredible war movie that received the Oscar in 2010, and was the first war film to win best picture since "Platoon" in 1986, is "The Hurt Locker!" This is such a fantastic movie!!! Jeremy Renner's character is so intriguing and just continues to draw you into the film and the emotions involved in his team and how the affects of war influence and affect the men around him. There is an almost perfectly balanced amount of character development, action, war detail, and emotional transparency!!! This film definitely deserved the Oscar!

Quick list of some war films!!!!
The Hurt Locker   ZZZZz
Saving Private Ryan    ZZZZ
Blackhawk Down   ZZZz
Pearl Harbor   ZZ
Enemy at the Gates   ZZz
U571   ZZZZ
The Thin Red Line   Zz
Inglorious Bastards   Z
Master and Commander   ZZZZ
The Great Escape   ZZZZ
Where Eagles Dare   ZZZZ
Dirty Dozen   ZZZz
Three Kings   Zz
Force 10 from Navarone   ZZZ
Green Zone   Z