Sunday, August 14, 2011


It may seem like Movie Man has been on a sabbatical but actually my family and I are moving. So we have been packing and cleaning and all kinds of not fun stuff! I have been able to squeeze in a few movies during all the mayhem so here come the reviews!

Proof of life - 2000  ( ZZz )
Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan Star in this film about corporate kidnapping and the rescue plan that ensues. This was an enjoyable film to watch, I always enjoy Russell Crowe, although there are key elements in this film that don’t make sense. Russell Crowe is a special forces mercenary helping Meg Ryan find her kidnapped husband. They eventually do rescue him and bring him home but near the end Russell kisses Meg and apparently they have fallen in love through the whole process but the writers forgot to fill you in on the process. So it comes as a surprise and an unbelievable one at that, leaving this at only 2.5 Z’s out of five.
Just Go With It – 2011 ( ZZZZz )
Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston star in this delightful film about a man discovering true love! This is an extremely funny and entertaining film! There are a number of touching moments in this film, not only the love story between Adam and Jennifer but also how Adam begins to fall in love with Jennifer’s two children! He even begins to fill a fatherly void for children that is absolutely adorable! There are also several surprise cameo appearances in this movie which end up being extremely hilarious! I would recommend this movie to anyone!

Transformers 3 – 2011 ( ZZZz )
Great Movie!!! There is really not much to say about this movie, one, two, and three kind of blend together, but I never get tired of seeing robots duke it out!!! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley takes the place of Meghan Fox. I liked the switch; Rosie is far less slutty than Meghan is, so it didn’t put a damper on the movie. Unfortunately, there is nothing really original in this installment of Transformers but still enjoyable to watch!!!  
The Pacific – 2010 HBO Series ( Zz )
Some of the writers of the HBO Series “Band of Brothers” teamed up to create the Pacific, telling the story of Marines fighting the Japanese in the Pacific. I did not like this series. It is rather slow and very depressing! War is always depressing, but this series lacks any kind of redemptive quality. In Band of Brothers there is focus not only on the horrors of war, but also on the heroes within the war. This series just focuses on the horrors and the men lost within the horror, with no one overcoming any of it and no real joy of any victory. Band of Brothers I would recommend to anyone, The Pacific I would not…
Source Code – 2011 ( ZZZZ )
This is a great film where Jake Gyllenhaal plays an Air Force Captain trying to stop a bomber in Chicago from detonating a dirty bomb and killing thousands. There are a number of twists & Turns so I cannot really talk too much about the details but it is well acted, lots of action and a very enjoyable movie!

(Spoiler) Below is for people who have seen this film!
I loved how this film is not too long. Some movies where you are continually going back to one scene, with the main character, to discover something new can sometimes drag on and on but this film is a perfect blend of action, suspense, and character depth to overshadow the repetitive nature. I also enjoyed the ending of the film and the questions left over. Does he change the future? Or does he create an alternate universe? And in this alternate universe is he taking over the teacher’s life? Interesting and fun to think about!!!
Have a great day and go enjoy a movie!!!!!

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  1. Source Code - Response

    I agree, it's a pretty fantastic movie. I usually am not a fan of the "flashback" type movies, a lot of times it really kills the movie. However, they did an excellent job, altering the storyline each time to keep the watcher thinking. Each time you get a little bit more of the whole picture. I belive he does change the future, I'm not sure if that's a valid asumption. She does kill him in the end, so that leads me to belive he accomplished his mission. As to how he continued his journey, some additional questions: Maybe he was trapped in the program which created the time displacment? It could have been a subconscience thought lingering? If he took over the teachers life, did he take his form or is he himself?