Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mini Reviews

It’s like the Lightning Round.

(Two Z's out of Five.) ZZ

Well Acted. Well made, with great effects! Although sometimes moviemakers take 2 hours to tell a story and they forget to put enough action to keep the viewer entertained. So this film comes off a little boring.

Street Kings
(Three and a Half Z's out of Five.) ZZZz

This is a very under rated cop movie. Dark and Gritty with a star studded cast! Some people don’t think Keanu Reeves can act to save his life, but one role that he is great at is a cop! A good plot with lots of notable actors makes this a great movie when you are in the mood for a ball busting cop movie!

Green Hornet
(Two Z's out of Five) ZZ

Great comic, good plot, and some great fight scenes does not make up for the cheesy fashion in which they made this movie. This could have been a very good film if it was slightly more realistic. Fun to watch but also slightly stupid and boring.

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  1. Okay I have only seen Tron out of this list, but when I see the others I will comment. As for Tron... I might give it like one Z though, but not because it was particularly bad, it was just particularly boring. Maybe I should give it like twenty Z's cuz thats all I wanted to do ZZZzzzZZZZzzzzzZZzzz... I got done and was like that could've been so much cooler. Then I grabbed my pillow and went to sleep. Like the fight scenes were so dull. But the reason I would give it only one Z is because I would never watch it again, and I think repeat watchability is a big part of what a movie should contain. That's my opinion of Tron :)